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Understanding USPS Flat Rate Shipping: Shipping Flat Rate for E-commerce

When you pay a flat rate shipping, you pay a single price for the whole transaction. Packaging, carrying, tracking, insurance, and delivery are all included.

Flat-rate shipping is a kind of shipping in which the cost is determined by the size of the box. As long as you keep within the limit weight for the box, you can ship any weight for the same fee. Each major airline has its flat-rate shipping scheme. Flat rate shipping might save you money on eCommerce shipping – or it can cost you more.

Flat Rates for Major Freight Carriers

Each of the three major freight companies offers flat rates. However, the services provided by each are vastly diverse. FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service all provide flat-rate shipping options

FedEx Express One Rate

FedEx One Rate is the name given to their flat-rate delivery option, which is actually a collection of prices. The price is decided on the FedEx service you choose as well as the size of the box or envelope used to deliver the order. You must use FedEx packaging to take advantage of FedEx’s flat-rate shipping offer.

Furthermore, FedEx’s flat-rate service fees are calculated based on distance. The higher the shipping zone of the destination, the more expensive it is to ship using One Rate. If you require any special services, you may be charged an additional fee.

This service is characterized as a “flat rate” since your shipping prices are not impacted by the weight of your order. You can ship using One Rate pricing if your products are within the weight limit.

UPS Basic Rate

UPS Simple Rate is the company’s flat price option. You may utilize your box or mailing envelope while still taking advantage of UPS’s flat-rate shipping. Your cargo cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. Furthermore, the capacity must be less than 1,728 cubic inches.

Because you’ll be doing your packing, you’ll need to do some math to figure out which UPS Simple Rate category you’ll be in. Your shipment will be categorized into one of five sizes based on its volume. For example, 100 cubic inches is fairly little. The volume of a medium box is 251-650 cubic inches.

Unlike FedEx, UPS Simple Amount charges a fixed amount regardless of destination. The service has flat pricing for the 48 contiguous states and a higher rate for Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping costs are based on the size of the box and the service you choose. The price is unaffected by the weight of the shipment or the shipping zones.

Priority Mail Flat Rate

The US Postal Service offers a flat-rate service with Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. It would help if you used a Priority Mail box or envelope labeled “Flat Rate” to use this service. This restricts the maximum size that may be flat-rate shipping.

The flat rate delivery prices for USPS Priority Mail are determined by the size of the cargo. Weight and shipping zones are not factored into the price. The maximum weight allowed is 70 pounds.

How to Ship Flat Rate for E-Commerce 

Shipping flat rate is an easy and cost-effective way to ship your items for eCommerce. To calculate the flat rate shipping cost, consider the size, weight, destination, and shipping service you use. You may need additional packaging materials for heavier items to prevent damage during transit.

  • Packaging Guidelines 

It is important to ensure that the packaging is secure and meets the requirements of the carrier. Use strong boxes, cushioning materials such as foam or bubble wrap to protect fragile items, and tape from sealing the package securely.

  • Labeling Guidelines 

You must ensure the package is labeled correctly. Ensure to include the destination address, a return address, and a tracking number. You should also have a copy of the invoice, if applicable. Moreover, include any special instructions for the carrier, such as delivery times or special handling requirements.

Should I opt for Flat-Rate Shipping?

Should I opt for Flat-Rate Shipping?

Flat-rate delivery is an appealing proposition for eCommerce companies. When you ship something using a flat-rate box or envelope, you know precisely how much it will cost. To compute the shipping cost in your shopping basket, you don’t need any complex plugins. Furthermore, the courier typically supplies the box or envelope at no cost.

Shipping flat rate through UPS or USPS implies that your shipping cost will be the same whether you deliver orders across many shipping zones. This might be advantageous if you ship from a warehouse on one of the beaches.


How long does it take for flat-rate shipping to arrive?

FedEx flat rate delivery options include overnight, second day, and FedEx Express Saver. It is not supported by FedEx Ground. UPS provides flat-rate delivery options through UPS Ground, 3-Day Select, and 2nd-Day Air. All USPS Priority Mail packages are usually delivered in three days or less, regardless of how far they have to travel.

Can You Ship Flat Rate Using Your Own Box?

For flat-rate delivery, both USPS and FedEx require you to utilize their packaging; however, there is a range of size alternatives. USPS is the only firm that will accept your own packing.

What are the Drawbacks of Flat-Rate Shipping?

1. You miss out on a branding opportunity. If you must ship in the carrier’s box, you forego the opportunity to send your purchases in bespoke packaging that promotes your brand.
2. If your items are lightweight, you may be overpaying for delivery. In many circumstances, normal shipping services may be used to transport eCommerce purchases for cheaper.
3. You may overpay for shipping purchases near home. In some situations, flat-rate services might save you money on cross-country shipments. However, shipping flat rates to locations near your warehouse may cost you extra.

Is it true that flat-rate shipping saves you money?

The answer to whether flat rate services will save your company money is, of course, it depends. If your items are tiny and heavy, you may be able to save money by shipping flat rate.

  • 1. You send a large number of orders from a coastal area in the United States. (However, this is only if you utilize the UPS or USPS flat rate choices.)
  • 2. You must charge a flat amount for shipping to your clients.
  • 3. You perform your own order fulfillment and don’t send a lot of orders. The simplicity of flat-rate delivery, along with complimentary packing from the carrier, may result in net savings for your company. 

You’ll have additional shipping alternatives if you’ve grown large enough to outsource your eCommerce fulfillment. A nationwide fulfillment plan is required if you send a big number of orders across the country. You may save money by sending your goods from many strategically placed fulfillment warehouses. This brings your items closer to your client’s homes. This allows you to ship inexpensively and swiftly utilizing standard ground services.

Talk to your 3PL services provider no matter where you are in the growth of your organization. Fulfillment experts can advise you on the finest shipping options for your business.

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