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Numerous SKUs are packaged together in a process known as warehouse kitting. Payless Prep Center produces hundreds of daily kits for online retailers and multi-level marketers. As items change from units to kits, our warehouse management system effectively maintains your inventory.

Using your packaging, we meticulously package items as part of our kitting and packaging services to give your consumers a clear, consistent impression of your brand.

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What Is Kitting?

Kitting, which is most frequently pre-built in batches, is the integration of individual components into a single offering. To speed up the retail fulfillment process, kits are designed to be ready to ship as a client places an order.

Kitting is utilized when a particular combination is known in advance, unlike a standard order when it is impossible to forecast what a consumer would order in full before they make a purchase.

It’s crucial to remember that assembling kits isn’t always a good idea. You may determine whether kitting and assembly services are appropriate for your company by speaking with a 3PL and whether your proposed solution will work with their workflow. You could discover that your manufacturer can conduct kitting more affordably than a 3PL.

Who needs warehouse kitting?

You may build eye-catching gift bundles for the holidays with warehouse kitting. Deliver parts from various manufacturers to our eCommerce fulfillment center, and we’ll handle the quick assembly required for delivery. Product labels and box inserts are additional options.

Your business expansion options are endless with Payless Prep Center product assembly fulfillment services.

Our Payless Prep Centers can do light assembly and kitting

Kitting and assembly are a part of an e-commerce fulfillment strategy. When done correctly, it might save you time and money and speed up the delivery of goods to customers. Most third-party logistics (3PL) businesses provide kitting and assembly, a fulfillment service that comprises assembling items that are delivered in fragments before customers complete their purchases.

Kitting and assembly services could be required for a future campaign that specifies how a product should be packed in bulk or for the method a product was made or delivered. For an extra fee, Payless Prep Center can pre-kit products to be utilized as larger individual SKUs for later fulfillment.

What Advantages Do Kitting Services Offer?


Kitting created specifically for your product demands


Combine many items or packages into a single kit.


Bar-coded and connected to your WMS or ERP, every kit


Components for creating new SKUs on an individual basis Scannable product serial numbers


Custom packaging and labeling of completed kits


Kit localization for a rollout in many countries


Services for inspection to guarantee quality control


Acquiring packaging supplies


Inventory control

You may expand your business by using fulfillment kitting. You can allocate more funds to business growth thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of outsourcing kitting and light assembly.

Here are just a few examples of how Payless Prep Center customers have expanded their companies with our kitting services:

Modern Kitting and Assembly Workflow

We optimized our supply chain by establishing a kitting warehouse to assemble components efficiently. The kitting and assembly process in a fulfillment center or warehouse involves the following steps:


The manufacturer stores product components in the warehouse.


Workers retrieve components and assemble kits per retailer specifications in bulk.ight customers.

Kit Storage

Completed kits are stored in the warehouse until orders are received.

Receiving Orders

When an order comes in, the required kits are retrieved from storage.

Scanning and Labeling

Kits are scanned and labeled as single SKUs.


The fulfillment center ships out the assembled kits to customers.

Why You Should Choose Payless Prep Center for Kitting Services?

Are you looking for a logistics business that can make your life easier with kitting and fulfillment services? Payless Prep Center can handle that. Our experts can expertly put together your orders, combining items from many vendors into a single, comprehensive kit. Please make use of our kitting and fulfillment services for your supply chain.

Our specialized kitting services streamline the shipment preparation process by coordinating deliveries from many vendors, building customized kits, and then shipping them to the final location.

Subscription Boxes And Kits

Many product categories, including hobbies, healthcare, and cosmetic products, have succeeded with subscription businesses. Payless Prep Center is capable of assembling all the components of a visually beautiful subscription package for Warehouse Kitting Services. We will do more than merely pack the products in a box and send them away since we pay attention to detail. We may include your personalized inserts and packing materials to thrill your subscribers each month and entice them to subscribe again.

Light Assembly In The Warehouse

We provide a variety of warehouse light assembly services at Payless Prep Center. We also offer light soldering, custom embroidery, writing, and numbering, along with assembly.

Do you require assistance not listed there?: Ask us. Our main emphasis is quality. We ensure we have the finest personnel and tools to execute every light assembly service we provide successfully.

Add Value With Kitting Services

Payless Prep Center’s warehouse kitting services let you sell a wide range of your goods at competitive prices. Your consumers’ problem is solved with kits. You may save your clients the time and effort of gathering all the components to put together a project or make a wonderful present by grouping complementary products together in kits. Kitting reduces shipping costs since it allows for an influential group of items. As you make your consumers’ life more straightforward, you get to sell more goods.

Just-In-Time Kitting

You may construct kits to fit your need with the flexibility provided by kitting fulfillment services. Payless Prep Center can also do the process backward; if you require an extra stock of particular goods, we can un-kit your inventory to satisfy demand.

You’ll Love Having Payless Prep Center As Your Company Warehouse

Not every business possesses the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current market’s expectations. This is why outsourcing your logistical chores to a third-party logistics service makes a lot of sense. With minimal difficulty, Payless Prep Center can assist our clients in achieving their order fulfillment goals thanks to our extensive national distribution network and worldwide connections. We endeavor to provide our customers with total reliability in all we do for them as one of the largest privately held 3PL firms in the United States.

What Advantages Do Kitting Services Offer?

You may expand your business by using fulfillment kitting. You can allocate more funds to business growth thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of outsourcing kitting and light assembly.

Here are just a few examples of how Payless Prep Center customers have expanded their companies with our kitting services:

How much does the kitting services cost?

Kitting service costs vary depending on the provider. Many 3PLs charge extra fees for kitting services like receiving, assembling, storing, and shipping. However, at Payless Prep Center, our flat rate packages include these e-commerce fulfillment services at no additional cost. We streamlined our inventory management process by implementing warehouse kitting techniques. We offer personalized kitting and shipping for your orders, bundled into our all-inclusive pricing. To get a custom quote outlining the full costs for your specific fulfillment kitting services needs, contact us today. Our team is happy to provide no-obligation estimates, so you know exactly what to expect from our flat-rate packages. Reach out now to learn more about our affordable, customized kitting and assembly services.

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