3PL Services: Warehousing, Fulfillment, & Shipping

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3pl Fulfillment Services

3PL companies spread warehouse and people costs among a large number of customers, usually online merchants, allowing them to better utilize storage and personnel capacity for order processing.

In a 3PL model, a retailer retains managerial duties but outsources transport and logistical activities to a third-party logistics provider. These partners provide value to the supply chain by providing extra services such as standard or customized packaging.

What occurs at a fulfillment center may appear to be a mystery, if you’re considering working with a 3PL. However, the fulfillment process does not have to be a mystery, and it should not be!

Meet Paylessprepcenter if you think all 3PL services are the same. We are so committed to 3PL warehousing and fulfillment excellence that if we make a mistake, we will pay you. If you’re sick because of 3PL shipping errors, let us show you why Paylessprepcenter’s attention and services are unrivaled. Have you never used 3PL fulfillment services before, or do you know what they are?

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The Procedure of 3PL Fulfillment Services

Some businesses offer basic pick, pack, and ship services, while others specialize in kitting and return processing.


Your 3PL will be unable to ship orders if they do not have your inventory! Receiving inventory is an important warehousing task that must be completed before your 3PL can begin fulfilling orders for your online business. The process of accepting and storing incoming inventory is known as receiving.

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The fulfillment process begins when a customer puts in an order! Many 3PLs need you to manually enter orders into their system; however, certain 3PLs may integrate with your online store and automatically transmit orders to your fulfilment provider.

This cutting-edge fulfillment software communicates with popular ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to centralize orders, shipments, inventory levels, and other information.

When you submit an order to a 3PLs provider, it is allocated to a warehouse picking team or a picker right away. The picking crew is given a picking list that includes the goods, amounts, and storage locations within the facility, allowing them to collect the required products from their appropriate places.


After all of the products in an order have been chosen, they must be securely wrapped. Some 3PLs may charge an additional fee for packaging materials, while others include them in their fulfilment services.

Plain, standard packing supplies such as brown boxes, yellow bubble mailers, white poly bags, packaging tape, and dunnage are available at Paylessprepcenter. We make every effort to select the best packing materials to preserve your valuables while also achieving the lowest dimensional weight feasible.

At an extra expense, we also provide our clients with the option of selecting bespoke packing materials to bring their brand front and center.

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The following step is to dispatch your order. The majority of 3PLs will buy and print shipping labels on your behalf. Some 3PLs deal with preferred carriers, while others assess shipping costs from multiple carriers.

Orders are picked up and shipped from fulfillment centers by carriers such as DHL, USPS, and UPS. When the order ships, your 3PL should send you tracking information.

Warehousing 3PL

It’s likely that your organization has encountered the same issues as another 3PL warehouse, such as inventory reporting delays, lost products, shrinkage, and a lack of visibility. Paylessprepcenter reverses the script on third-party logistics companies’ shortcomings. Your inventory will not be left on a loading dock alone. Using our user-friendly interface, you can keep track of your inventory and reorder levels.

In our 3PL warehouse, the term “shrinkage” is not used. If one of your belongings is lost or damaged while in our care, we will compensate you immediately.

DOCK-TO-STOCK Time Of Two Days

Within two days of your products arriving at our warehouse, we will have precisely processed every individual piece onto the live inventory picking shelves.

Allowance For Zero Shrinkage

We are the only 3PL Warehouse that has a 0% shrinkage allowance. We do not believe you should incur a loss as a result of lost or damaged merchandise.

Management Of Inventory

Our web-based Warehouse Management System gives you unparalleled visibility into the flow of your items, complete with real-time updates.

3PL Completion

Nothing is more frustrating than a late order or an improper package. These blunders cost your Ecommerce company money. As a result, Paylessprepcenter assures the industry’s highest-level 3PL fulfillment services. After all, fulfilling your online orders is at the heart of our business. On every order, we promise same-day completion with impeccable accuracy.

Pick & Pack Same-Day

With an order cut-off time of 5 p.m., all orders are chosen, packed, and shipped the same day.

That means that even if your order volume increases at 4:59 p.m., Paylessprepcenter will be ready to fulfill your orders within a few hours, guaranteeing that your consumers see a “Your Order Has Shipped!” message in their inbox before going to bed.

Processing Of Returns

Returns, often known as reverse logistics, are a fact of conducting business online. We at Paylessprepcenter make your online store’s returns a pleasant experience for both you and your customers by processing returned shipments as quickly as possible to ensure that your customers receive their refund as soon as possible.

Third- Party Logistics Is Being Redefined

Simply said, we are a third-party fulfillment service that takes a unique approach to things. Our company is a successful extension of your company. 

If your business is growing and you need a dependable third-party logistics fulfilment centre, or if you’re tired of putting out fires with your existing 3PL supplier, we invite you to try our services risk-free for 30 days. Let us all prosper as a team.

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Though outsourcing to a 3PL may appear to be costly, hard, and time-consuming, selecting the correct 3PL can really help a firm expand effectively.

Often, business owners do not have the time to consider how to get their product from the manufacturer to the end-user. Product development, marketing, the rest of their supply chain, and corporate operations should be their core emphasis. However, logistics, refunds, order fulfillment, and prompt shipment are what will keep customers satisfied. Finally, if the consumer is satisfied, the business will grow. The four most major benefits of working with a 3PL are as follows:


Outsourcing is a simple way to unload one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive components of running a business. This allows you to focus on your main business: producing, promoting, and selling high-quality products.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your logistics is significantly less expensive in terms of both time and money. A 3PL can help you reduce your operational costs by obtaining bulk shipping reductions, as well as absorbing property and labor expenditures.

Operational Knowledge

A good 3PL may improve the seller and customer experience by delivering products sooner and at a lower cost. Every business owner understands that tracking and managing return logistics may be a veritable headache. A 3PL can handle this for you so that your customer is satisfied and you can preserve your sanity.


In recent times, working with a 3PL has become a more essential feature. As more businesses go online and use various tech platforms to manage their operations, logistics vendors face ever-changing requirements to interact with customers, sellers, and fulfillment centers. A 3PL has the industry knowledge to effectively adapt to and keep up with these changes.

A 3PL can also utilize its own tracking technology to obtain data and critical indicators to aid in the decision-making process for larger business choices.