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Multichannel 3PL Fulfillment Services

Benefit from seamless operations and efficient order processing at our state-of-the-art 3PL fulfillment center. Explore our comprehensive range of 3PL fulfillment services today.

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A Complete Global 3PL Logistics Solution

The proprietary Payless Prep Center platform integrates the entire 3PL fulfillment company chain, addressing key factors for growth like cost reduction, efficiency, simplicity, transparency, and precision. By connecting each step of the global supply chain on one streamlined platform, Payless Prep Center provides merchants with a complete logistics ecosystem for seamless end-to-end shipment management.

What is 3PL (Third Party Logistics)?

3PL Fulfillment Companies essentially offers various outsourced logistics services. These services cover a broad range of functions, including the administration of procurement and fulfillment procedures.

Overall, it’s a catch-all term for services that involve moving and storing commodities. Our suppliers come in all shapes and sizes, from warehouse services to chilled shipping services.

We’re Not Your Typical 3PL Warehouse

Consider your needs, priorities, and long-term ambitions when choosing a 3rd party fulfillment center. A warehouse-based 3PL may be your best option if all you need is storage, distribution, and returns. Frequent ad-hoc shipments?

A transportation-focused provider may be ideal. If you lack accounting and auditing, find a financial 3PL. If you have a range of logistical needs, seek a partner who offers managed 3PL services.

3PL Warehousing

We touch almost every step in the supply chain with our array of logistics, storage, and 3PL Services, creating value by simplifying the complexity. As our name suggests, Payless Prep Center is cost-effective, efficient, and poised for the future. We work as an extension of your company, providing the flexibility you require.

As a result of our company’s organic growth, we are now united under new entrepreneurial leadership that aligns with our shared goal for excellence, supported by a knowledgeable workforce. As a result, we stay flexible, adapting fast and without compromising to the changing environment and customer demands by leveraging our asset and non-asset services.

2 Day Dock-To-Stock

When your inventory arrives at our warehouse, we’ll precisely process each item into the livestock picking shelves within two days.

Zero Shrinkage Allowance

We are the only 3PL warehouse in operation with a 0% tolerance for shrinkage. Therefore, we don’t think you should lose money due to missing or damaged merchandise.

Inventory Management

With real-time updates, our web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides unmatched visibility into your goods’ movement.

Kitting & Inserts

Your 3PL warehouse performs essential tasks like kitting, light assembly, marketing inserts, and other distinctive value-adding services.

3PL Shipping

When a company offers goods or 3PL Fulfillment Services, it must consider how to get them to the customers. When dealing with shipments through several carriers, this may get extremely complicated. The role of 3PL Logistics Service Providers, such as 3PL Links, is to fill this need.

Your 3PL should also offer the further benefit of cheaper shipping prices while optimising your packages to help you avoid the harmful effects of Dimensional Weight Pricing, whether you’re shipping locally or abroad.

3rd Party Logistics Redefined

Said, we are a third-party fulfillment company that takes a unique approach to business. Your company’s effective expansion into ours is what we do.

We urge you to try our 3pl Fulfillment Services risk-free for 30 days if your business is expanding and you need a reliable 3pl fulfillment center or if you’re sick of dealing with problems caused by your existing 3PL provider. Together, let’s be successful.

You’ll Love Having Payless Prep Center As Your Company Warehouse

To determine if Paylessprepcenter is the ideal fulfillment business for you, complete our fulfillment questionnaire. Give us a call if you need assistance locating the best fulfillment business for 3PL fulfillment and warehousing services. Even if the advice isn’t coming from us, we’re pleased to make it.

We start working as soon as we get your order at our 3PL fulfillment warehouse, ensuring that your package is chosen, packed, and dispatched just as you requested. You can specify packing specifications or establish guidelines for customized shipment.

3PL Fulfillment

Nothing is more annoying than a late order or a misplaced package. These errors cost your online store money. They might also cost you, customers, if they are not handled properly. Payless Prep Center promises the best 3PL fulfillment services available in the market as a result. After all, the main focus of our business is completing your online orders. On every order, we promise same-day fulfillment with 100 percent accuracy.

Same-Day Pick & Pack

With a cutoff time of 5 p.m., all orders are chosen, packed, and shipped out on the same day. This means that even if your order volume spikes at 4:59 p.m., Payless Prep Center is prepared to process your orders within a few hours, ensuring that your customers receive an email stating that their product has been shipped before they go to bed.

Returns Processing

Returns, sometimes known as reverse logistics, are an essential part of online commerce. Payless Prep Center rapidly processes returned shipments to make sure that your customers get their refunds as soon as possible. This way, we help you and your customers have a great experience with returns from your online business.

Let Us Take
Care of it.

With Paylessprepcenter, you’re getting the best-in-class 3PL fulfillment service for large, bulky, heavy, and high-value eCommerce products.

3PL Benefits


Think about expanding your company


Cut expenses


Effective distribution and storage


Lessen the difficulties as your company expands


Easier access to new markets

Top 5 benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment services

With simple integrations and numerous shipping choices, the correct FC will manage every stage of the purchase process and assist you in breaking into new markets. Errors and returns are less expensive when your purchases are stored, organized, and sent on an enterprise level. 3PL order fulfillment is complex, and completing it while scaling may significantly affect the success or failure of your firm..

Size-Inclusive Solutions

We 3rd party fulfillment services to webshops of all sizes, welcoming new startups and established businesses alike. Our website outlines clear pricing for each service so customers always understand the costs incurred. A personal dashboard empowers each customer to monitor their project’s progress remotely and take action whenever needed. By providing third party fulfillment services, we ensure transparency and aim to make ecommerce success simple for any online seller.

  • Open to All – We welcome webshops big and small. There are no minimum requirements to work with us. 
  • Clear & Upfront – Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees. What you see is what you get.
  • Empowering – Our dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat. Monitor and take action on your store anytime.

How Does a 3PL Work?

It would help if you concentrated on promoting and selling your goods; we will handle the rest. Our software automatically imports orders by syncing with your online shopping cart using our unique API connectors. From there, we will promptly choose, pack, and send every order. The best aspect is that our approach is entirely scalable and flexible. Regardless of how quickly your business expands, you can be sure that every purchase will receive the same excellent service.

Why Paylessprepcenter?

We at Payless Prep Center ensure great satisfaction in being among the most dependable 3PL (third-party logistics) service providers for crowdfunding campaigns, subscription box enterprises, and 3pl ecommerce fulfillment organizations of all sizes. In addition, you may be sure that you can “Stress Less, Grow More” since the most cutting-edge order, inventory support in our 3pl fulfillment centers, and warehouse management software in the business.

Ready To Get Started?

After 30 days of experiencing our processes, people, and service, if you’re not satisfied with what Payless Prep Center did for your company and your customers, we won’t bill you for any fulfillment service fees.

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