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We Handle The Warehousing and Shipping for Many Etsy Sellers at Paylessprepcenter.
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Our fulfillment center can now automate the process without relying on third-party systems thanks to our new integration. 

When we pick, pack, and ship the orders, we’ll automatically send tracking numbers back to Etsy, which will close the order and trigger the tracking email to be sent directly to the end customer. We can also automatically sync inventory between our system and Etsy.

Order Fulfillment for a Wide Variety of Products

We warehouse and fulfill orders for a wide range of products sold by Etsy merchants, including apparel, arts and crafts, home goods, and more. Our integration allows for direct mappings from their Etsy store to our system, and we can also handle mappings for merchants who sell a bundled assortment of goods.

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Warehouse automation

We’re used to working with a wide range of shipping options in addition to a wide range of products. Some Etsy sellers, for example, offer free shipping on all orders. Others will have a threshold for free shipping, while others will charge for all shipping options, including ground and expedited (air) shipping. In each of these scenarios, our Etsy order fulfillment integration allows our clients to tell us exactly how to ship, including the option to rate shop each outbound order and select the lowest-priced ship method based on package weight, dimensions, and customer location.
Paylessprepcenter Service’s goal is to make order fulfillment as simple as possible for the hundreds of ecommerce sellers with whom we work. Our new integration is a significant step forward for Etsy merchants who use our warehousing and fulfillment services.

What Etsy Does in Terms of Order Fulfillment?

Etsy does offer order fulfillment tools like shipping profiles, label creation, tracking, and more. Furthermore, Etsy does not offer a comprehensive selection of shipping options that are appropriate for all customers.

The Difficulties of Etsy Order Fulfillment

Several aspects of Etsy order fulfillment are deficient. To begin, you must devote time and effort to additional customer service, product warehousing, shipping and order processing, and other tasks. Etsy charges a few small fees for its various services as well.

eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions for Etsy

When an Etsy order arrives, you must decide how to fill it. If you have the resources, you can do this in-house. However, you will need to invest in shipping services as well as inventory storage. Collaboration with a 3PL can be a great solution if you don’t have the space or resources to provide the best fulfillment for your customers.

A 3PL partner can handle as much or as little of the fulfillment process as you need, from packing and shipping orders to custom fulfillment solutions for all of your order processing needs. You can concentrate on running your business when you have 3PL services in your toolbox.

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Etsy Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon Fulfillment is a service offered by the e-commerce titan. It also allows sellers to fulfill orders even if they are not directly selling on Amazon. FBA accounts can be opened to sell on sites like Etsy and other channels. Sellers can sell their products online without the need for a warehouse or shipping service.

The fees charged by Amazon, on the other hand, make it an unprofitable option for low-value items. Additionally, selling items through FBA may result in a higher price.
You must also continue to manage your inventory and handle other responsibilities that most 3PL providers provide 3PLs that do not charge exorbitant fees like Amazon’s 76% price increase for eBay and Etsy orders.

Etsy Fulfillment Outsourcing

Third-party logistics is an abbreviation for third-party logistics. These services can aid in the streamlining of operations and the maintenance of strong relationships with shipping partners. This can frequently save Etsy sellers and others a substantial amount of time and money.
Outsourcing your Etsy order fulfillment has several advantages.

  • Lower-cost warehousing and storage solutions.
  • Lower shipping costs.
  • Cost savings across the board in all areas of fulfillment.
  • eCommerce professionals’ expertise.
  • Custom packaging options are available, among other things.

Collaborate with Paylessprepcenter

If you’re looking for a 3PL partner who can provide everything you need for Etsy fulfillment services, contact our team at Paylessprepcenter. Regardless of the scale or type of orders that need to be fulfilled, our dedicated team of experts can assist you in developing the ideal fulfillment solutions for your needs. From the time orders are received until the products are delivered, we will handle all of the details.

We provide low-cost warehousing, picking and packing, and shipping orders, as well as return assistance and other services. Contact us today to learn more or to discuss your Etsy fulfillment services needs.