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As an alternative to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon, a system was developed to provide Walmart marketplace firms with unparalleled access to the company’s world-class supply chain (FBA).

Walmart also prohibits its marketplace suppliers from using Amazon Fulfillment, implying that it is prepared to compete with Amazon. With Walmart’s extraordinary rise in e-commerce, Fulfillment Service has proven to be yet another planned and astute strike against the current e-commerce king.
Since its launch in February 2020, Walmart Fulfillment Service has received excellent reviews from suppliers that have used it.
Walmart’s Fulfillment Service demand surpassed the brand’s expectations in its first six months. All of this is done to give a world-class experience for third-party sellers and to help merchants increase sales, while also providing buyers with an exceptional experience in terms of reliability and delivery timeliness.

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Is Walmart Fulfillment Services Reliable?

Walmart Fulfillment Services, like Amazon Fulfillment Service, allows merchants to store their products at any authorized Walmart Fulfillment Service location. Sellers are now responsible for sending and preparing their items for shipment to Walmart; however, inbound capabilities will be added to Walmart’s services in the near future.

Walmart, on the other hand, is in charge of all post-sale processes, such as customer support calls and refunds on fulfillment service purchases. Sellers can also participate in the Free and Easy Returns programme, which allows buyers to return items through mail or in person.

WFS Advantages for Sellers

While there may be more advantages, the following are the most important:

Delivery in Two Days

Aside from flexibility, one of the primary benefits of the Walmart Fulfillment Service is the ability it gives sellers to provide customers with fast shipment inside the United States. Because of the brand’s extensive supply chain, which has been in existence for over 60 years, and its extensive reach (90 percent of the USA is within 50 miles of a Walmart store). As a consequence, Walmart Fulfillment Service promises 2-day delivery to your clients anywhere in the United States if you are a merchant.

Increased Sales

Walmart Fulfillment Service merchants typically get the buyer’s interest due to their capacity to deliver fast and dependable shipments.

Reduced Fulfillment Costs

Businesses may be able to unload a significant percentage of their logistical expenditures in exchange for a monthly charge due to Walmart’s huge supplier network. Reduced fulfillment costs enable retailers to reinvest in their products, improve their range, or provide consumer discounts. This contributes significantly to the tremendous GMV increase that Walmart Fulfillment Services vendor are seeing.


Merchants who rely too much on a single fulfillment provider may jeopardize their operations in 2020. For example, during the covid-19 first breakout, Amazon briefly stopped all non-essential FBA shipments, putting thousands of merchants at risk overnight. Even items remaining under Fulfillment by Amazon experienced shipment delays, but non-FBA sales increased dramatically. As a result, the Walmart fulfillment services are an excellent alternative for other fulfillment providers, ensuring that your sales are not reliant on a single source.