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You can think of it as the ability to provide flexibility in a fulfillment solution, or as the usage of actual shops as fulfillment spaces.
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If you want to be flexible with your fulfillment strategy, think about warehouse options and locations, agile technology, and other solutions that will match your demands. 

Fulfillment that is adaptable

When a brick-and-mortar store converts its physical location into a distribution facility capable of fulfilling orders, this is referred to as flexible fulfillment.

Choosing, packing, and shipping orders to consumers, as well as preparing things for in-store pick up, are all part of the job.

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Why May Flexible Fulfillment Not Be the Best Option for Online Retailers

While flexible fulfillment, also known as a dark store, was extremely advantageous for retailers of all sizes during the COVID-19 pandemic, it may not be the greatest solution for online stores. Flexible fulfillment services are ideal for retailers who have multiple physical locations and have already invested in space that may be utilised to fulfil orders rather than display products.

Here are a few more reasons why flexible fulfilment might not be the greatest fit for you.

1. Inadequate storage space

You will need space to store products as well as space to complete orders in order to efficiently fulfill requests promptly. If you don’t have adequate storage space, it can delay the fulfillment process.

2. Inadequate packaging and processing space

Flexible fulfillment works only if there is adequate room to handle the whole fulfillment process, from receiving inventory to picking, packaging, and delivering boxes. Flexible fulfillment may not be the best answer if you don’t have enough room to be efficient.

3. Inaccuracy of higher-order

Flexible fulfillment services allow you to build a location to keep inventory and fulfill orders, but if you don’t have control over how to properly manage a “warehousing” area, it can lead to inefficiencies and disorder. It’s always a good idea to have the proper people with the correct experience on hand to assist you set up an efficient fulfillment environment that enhances order accuracy.

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Why Could Distributed Fulfillment be a better Option?

Third-party logistics (3PL) organizations such as Paylessprepcenter offer distributed fulfillment as a service. 3PLs provide a broad range of fulfillment services, such as multiple fulfillment centre locations, technology, and expertise. Here are some of the reasons why scattered fulfillment may be preferable.

1. Skilled Selection and Packing

Pick and pack fulfillment must be optimized to reduce the cost of ecommerce fulfillment. In the case of picking, this means lowering the work necessary to select the appropriate products for an order. Piece picking, batch picking, zone picking, and wave picking are all methods used by warehouses that do pick and pack fulfillment.

2. Improved Order Correctness

Distributed fulfillment enables quick turnaround while maintaining a high level of accuracy. 3PLs that specialize in dispersed fulfillment have mechanisms in place to ensure quality control and to make the shipping process as simple as possible in order to maintain high customer satisfaction.

3. Several Warehouses

Having multiple warehouses provides more flexibility. You can begin with a single warehouse location based on the locations of your customers. As your business expands, you can distribute goods across many warehouse locations to broaden your consumer reach. This is also known as scattered inventory because it allows companies to track inventory and order fulfillment from a single dashboard.

4. More Rapid Delivery and Processing

A distributed fulfillment provider uses proprietary warehouse management software (WMS) across its fulfillment network and same-day fulfillment for orders imported by noon local time, allowing orders to be handled promptly and automatically from the fulfillment center nearest to the end consumer.
When a customer places an order on your website, the fulfillment platform processes it and keeps you updated as it is selected, packed, and shipped.

Paylessprepcenter Provides more than Just Shipping

Paylessprepcenter is an industry-leading logistics and fulfillment service that provides more than just storage, picking and packing, and shipment.

Capabilities for 2-Day Shipping

Storing your goods close to your consumers enables you to provide speedier shipping choices at a reduced cost, such as a 2-day ground shipment. Whether your clients are in the South, Midwest, East Coast, or West Coast, Paylessprepcenter has the fulfillment centers to help you expand your reach and ship more quickly than ever before.

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Partnership of Fulfillment Partners

Paylessprepcenter integrates with well-known ecommerce platforms and includes built-in interfaces for inventory management and accounting. This enables you to build an end-to-end ecommerce solution that integrates easily with the technology of your fulfillment partner.

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