Amazon Restock Limits

Updated May 3, 2021

Back in July 2020, Amazon added ASIN-level quantity limits for products that are stored in its fulfillment network. These changes were met with backlash from the Amazon Seller community.

In an attempt to rectify the actions, Amazon has completely removed all ASIN-level quantity limits, replacing them with new storage-type level restock limits instead. This means the seller’s restock limits are now at the account level, not the ASIN level, and they are measured by the Storage Type.

In the official news bulletin, Amazon announced:
“Effective April 22, 2021, FBA products will no longer be subject to ASIN-level quantity limits. Instead, restock limits will be set at the storage-type level, offering you more flexibility in managing your shipments.”

How do you check your restock limits? Each seller will have to check their own restock limits before going to the Inventory Performance Dashboard in Seller Central, scrolling down to the bottom, and clicking on the Restock Limits tab. This will expand to show the Restock Limits on that account. Sellers can also review their total Storage Volume per Storage Type by clicking on the storage Volume tab.

For some FBA sellers, these new restrictions could be seen as favorable. However, a good number of sellers just saw as much as a 40% drop in their storage capacity overnight! Don’t worry though, because Kinetic Prep is here to help.

At Kinetic Prep, we can help by working with you to reduce your inventory from Amazon Fulfillment centers and store them safely in our facilities. We can also help you restock your items as your inventory sells and your capacity frees up.

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